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Compass Care
Optimise Your Fertility

At Compass, we want your fertility journey to be successful. Your health, fitness levels and body weight are all important considerations for both women and men in the preconception period.

As well as the fertility treatment prescribed to you by your Fertility Specialist, we encourage all of our patients to look at including additional treatments to optimise your fertility and ensure the most successful outcome.

All the current research shows that lifestyle factors have a huge impact on your fertility treatment. Compass has a fantastic allied health team who work closely with our patients in areas they could use extra guidance.

Our team have a wealth of experience in early life health and nutrition, whether that be with specific dietary requirements and nutrient deficiencies (our dietitians), to practicing and being accountable for healthier eating + movement habits (our health coaches).


Our Allied Health Team


Tyler Stevens - Eighty8 Fitness
Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Eighty8 centers around building long-term health benefits, aiming to help you create a balanced and sustainable training routine to create a healthier and happier long term you. Tyler offers kick-start and beginner packages which are tailored to your individual needs and specific health goals, no matter what they may be.

What Makes Eighty8 unique is the sense of belonging: when you join, you’re becoming part of a supportive team who welcome anyone and everyone to join the fitness movement and optimise your health.


Stacy Morgan - Hive Nutrition

Stacy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and the director of Hive Nutrition. She specialises in women’s health, fertility and early life nutrition. Stacy’s philosophy is that nutrition advice should be practical and realistic to help you achieve nutrient balance from your diet to optimise fertility. Stacy takes an evidence-based and holistic look at current dietary intake, eating patterns, bowel function, gut health, emotional connections with food, and the effect of stress and sleep on dietary habits. The best results are achieved by seeing couples together as the male contribution to fertility is vital.


Myfanwy Galloway
Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Myfanwy works closely with her clients to strengthen the body and mind to accomplish their goals. Myf brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal training and expert nutrition advice. Clients can improve their overall well being and she helps them to reach their greatest potential with women’s specific training as a part of her services.. Myf’s goal is to inspire good health, resilience and a thirst for life in the community. She fosters a uplifting environment where you will be motivated and supported to achieve your best fertility fitness.


Darleen Barton
Counsellor & Life Coach

While the Doctors, Scientists and Nurses support your medical journey, Darleen offers support for the emotional and mental journey. She can help you identify what emotional barriers may be at the root of your health problems.

She uses well documented and proven therapies to help individuals, couples and families cope with stress, deal with change and find a way to move forward.  


Juliana Lisboa

Juliana is the no-diet dietitian. Her focus is on health behaviours, re-learning how to listen to our internal cues of fullness and satiety, and mending our relationship with food. Juliana takes an individualised approach to nutrition and believes in eating real, fresh, seasonal food to nourish your body and help with fertility & pregnancy.

She looks into the nutritional requirements, but also helps people identify and clear barriers that may be preventing them from taking action.

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