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Andrology is the medical speciality that deals with male health, particularly as it pertains to the analysis of the male reproductive system 

Our Andrology Laboratory performs two specialist services related to male fertility.

  1. Semen analysis – a sample of semen is usually obtained by masturbation and then carefully analysed for the number of sperm, motility and shape (morphology).

  2. Sperm freeze – sperm can be frozen for long-term storage or as a fertility preservation method. This sperm can then be thawed and successfully used years after the initial freezing.

The results of these tests can help determine the specific treatment options, in consultation with your fertility specialist, to assist in achieving a successful pregnancy, whether it be through IVF, naturally or ovulation tracking.

Genetic causes of infertility 

Until recently, little was known about the causes of male infertility. Many studies point to genetic variations causing at least forty percent of male infertility. The Y chromosome is tested at Compass Fertility to help identify these genetic causes.

Male infertility is becoming increasingly common worldwide; the good news is that these conditions are now being successfully treated. Taking these tests is the first step to help achieve pregnancy and to understand that male infertility is not something to be ashamed of.