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Fertility Preservation

At compass Fertility we offer several fertility preservation options, including the option of freezing and storing embryos, sperm, and eggs.

Egg freezing

Eggs (oocytes) are frozen as a fertility preservation method by the process of vitrification. This is performed shortly after an egg collection (pick-up). These eggs can be thawed and inseminated with sperm in a future treatment cycle.

sperm freezing

Compass Fertility can store sperm in order to preserve future fertility for a number of reasons. For instance, serious medical conditions may often have pre-treatments that can permanently damage your testes and their ability to produce sperm. It is possible to freeze and store sperm for many years.

embryo freezing

Sometimes after a fresh IVF cycle you are lucky enough to be able to store extra embryos in the freezer. Once in storage these embryos may be able to be used in a future Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle (FET).

If you have frozen embryos at another clinic we are able to arrange transport of your embryos to Compass Fertility. Please be aware we are unable to commence your treatment cycle until your embryo(s) are at Compass Fertility. Therefore it is essential to organise the paperwork before your appointment with your Compass Fertility doctor.