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How We Are Different

At Compass Fertility we are focused on our clients' clinical and fertility needs with the aim of providing the best experience and fertility outcome at the best price. Our treatment and ovulation tracking practices ensure we are best placed for success.  Our boutique style care, tailoring to individual needs rather than standard protocols is something not offered elsewhere - so call us to discuss your needs and requirements. 

See Why We're Different 


Pricing of IVF is challenging as there are many different treatment protocols and combinations used. Reporting of results are confusing and make it difficult to compare different clinics.  Costs may exclude ICSI, freezing and storage fees, with the final bill being much higher than expected. This makes comparison between clinics impossible. It is important you receive a quotation and explanation of Medicare rebates to ensure you are informed. At Compass Fertility all of our costs are built around providing the best clinical outcomes. 

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Our Success Rates

At Compass Fertility our team are known for clinical excellence and patient care with a world class track record and consistently amongst the  highest success rates in Australia.  Nearly 50 percent of our patients get pregnant without IVF simply through ovulation tracking and targeted care - this is not only a cost saving but a better clinical outcome. Our IVF care and treatment is leading in expertise and success rates. Find out more about our successes and take a tour of the laboratory below.