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Further Information

The # 1 Thing to Boost Fertility Success

If you're planning a pregnancy in the next few years, healthy eating and regular exercise can boost your fertility.

Weight, fertility and pregnancy health

Being under or overweight can affect your fertility. Find out more information here.

Your Lifestyle and Your Fertility

Find out how lifestyle factors like alcohol, medications, caffeine, oral hygiene, chemicals, smoking and lubricants impact your fertility.

Health and Medical + Your Fertility

Learn more about healthy sperm, PCOS, Endometriosis, STIs, Diabetes, Complimentary Therapies and more.

Not Worth the Weight

Give yourself a health check: Learn more about BMI and your fertility

Eat Well for Fertility

Find nourishing and delicious recipes to help optimise your fertility and your well-being

Our Allied Health Team

The team at Compass is here to help, whether with mental health, diet, or fitness

The Hard Facts

What we don’t like to hear, but need to know about fertility and your health