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How We Are Different

We are focused on our clients’ needs and aim to provide the best experience possible at an affordable price. Many of our couples are able to achieve pregnancy without using high-tech invasive solutions. Using a combination of methods, our philosophy is first to enhance your natural ability to conceive. Our approach is holistic and seeks to work in partnership with all of our clients.

If, however, IVF is the best option for your situation, we will seek to help you down this path with the least stress possible. We are structured to keep costs as low as possible without compromising your chances of success nor the comfort and dignity of the facilities.

At Compass Fertility, we believe there are four key aspects which seperate us from the other fertility centres:


1. Tailored, personal attention

We work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you. You will be in charge of your care; we are here to help you on your chosen approach. We respect that our patients have knowledge.

2. A holistic approach 

Scientific research demonstrates the important interactions between general health, the mind and ability to conceive. We endeavour to help you achieve pregnancy by attention to general principles of good physical and mental health. For those requiring assistance to conceive (not necessarily IVF), we will show you how you can optimise your chances by ensuring you are in the best possible general condition.



3. Prompt service 

We get your treatment progressing promptly so you are not wasting valuable time. This is particularly critical for women over the age of 40, especially if you would like more than one child. 

4. We care about you and support you throughout your journey 

As we are a small team, our staff get to know you, build rapport with you, and understand your individual needs. We genuinely care about you and you are not just a number.