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Our Costings Brochure

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Costs for fertility treatment can be confusing and difficult to accurately establish without meeting with one of our fertility specialists. Each treatment is different and our team want to ensure you have an informed and accurate understanding of the costs through your fertility journey.

Importantly, our costs are competitive and offer great value for money. But do not be misled by claims in other clinics on low cost service structures that often don't make clear undeclared loadings and add-ons. Generally your first cycle will cost around $4,500, which is after Medicare rebates and private health insurance coverage.  Subsequent cycle costs do vary and depend on the type of approach and treatment options, so please ask your fertility guide.

An option many patients are now using is accessing superannuation to assist in further covering your expenses. Compass is the only clinic in Canberra that can access SuperCare directly and easily and it is Australia's only IVF super access provider. SuperCare has already been used many times to better assist couples in accessing fertility treatments. 

Please remember when comparing costs that at Compass we include everything you need and there are no hidden extras or add-ons.  A key factor in cost must also be in the expediency, proficiency and clinical ability of the team, and in particular the Fertility Doctor - so the quicker the IVF treatment the less expenses our patients face.

If you want more detail regarding costing please complete the form to the left and we will immediately send you a full set of prices.